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Some people are using the same text for all or almost all their Linkedin posts.

We can allow users to save snippets of text as templates to use at their will.

Some ideas for what snippets could be used for:

  • A special signature ("follow me for more etc.")
  • Line with hashtags
  • "ASCII art" style drawings. Eg. a line separator, like "--------------------------------------"
  • Special characters that are not in our toolbar

Snippets could have a user-defined title, which can be mandatory or optional.

Users can add one or more templates to each Linkedin post.

This could become part of the same interface as drafts, or a separate.

And we can also change the name, to be decided later. But you get the point :)

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Autosave would be nice too. I just almost an entire post before I hit publish. The tab shut down and I have no way to retrieve it.

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@MarkM that sucks. Auto-save will definitely figure in the drafts system.

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Yes, we will work on auto-save Linkedin posts in the draft feature. 🤓

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Ivana Todorovic (AuthoredIn)

From Linkedin:

Enable us to save and use more than one template for each post.

For example, we can create a template for hashtags and a template for CTAs (the last few lines where we invite people to follow us and ring the bell).

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Ivana Todorovic (AuthoredIn)

Post-footer snippets would be cool.

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Love it!

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Mike Kabongo

This is very useful. I was hoping this elemental tool.

I have lost a lot of time writing a post, a comment or everything else.

Furthermore, I always made the purpose not writing direct in LinkedIn.

I promise, I will always write outside. But When I see an interesting post and I decide to comment and... surprise, something happen, and again ¡I lost all!

Thanks, really necessary.

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Carolina Hurtarte García


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Elice Lau
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Can you have templates saved and provide templates in the system?

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