A list showing scheduled posts and recommendations for best time to post.


When I schedule several posts, I don't always remember how many are in the queue and for which day. So when I return to create more, I risk overlapping with an existing post...

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Totally agree! It has even happened to me... I had to delete the duplicate post when it already had views, and I think that has penalized me

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Antonio Sanchez

It would triple the value of AuthoredUp for me if I can see the posts on a calendar (or in a table).

Something like this:

Hopefully, I would be able to

- Re-schedule an existing post

- "Un-publish" (delete and move back to draft, really) a post

- Click a scheduled slot and pick a draft to load.

Such a feature would make immensely increase the value of this tool for content creators who post regularly/frequently.

Thank you.

Posted by Paul Mah on

I think if the schedule would work like in Buffer.com 
You can basically replace with a tool both Shield & Buffer, but right now I did not found a way how to schedule posts in time blocks

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Mikki Kobvel

I also would love to have an overview of all sheduled posts as requested by Devesh and described from Paul Mah. ❤️

Posted by Eddy on

It would be very helpful for me to see a list of scheduled post and recommendations for best time to post!

Posted by Mark Klein on

I second that, it would be very helpful

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