A list showing scheduled posts and recommendations for best time to post.


When I schedule several posts, I don't always remember how many are in the queue and for which day. So when I return to create more, I risk overlapping with an existing post...

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Totally agree! It has even happened to me... I had to delete the duplicate post when it already had views, and I think that has penalized me

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Antonio Sanchez

It would triple the value of AuthoredUp for me if I can see the posts on a calendar (or in a table).

Something like this:

Hopefully, I would be able to

- Re-schedule an existing post

- "Un-publish" (delete and move back to draft, really) a post

- Click a scheduled slot and pick a draft to load.

Such a feature would make immensely increase the value of this tool for content creators who post regularly/frequently.

Thank you.

Posted by Paul Mah on

I think if the schedule would work like in Buffer.com 
You can basically replace with a tool both Shield & Buffer, but right now I did not found a way how to schedule posts in time blocks

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Mikki Kobvel

I also would love to have an overview of all sheduled posts as requested by Devesh and described from Paul Mah. ❤️

Posted by Eddy on

It would be very helpful for me to see a list of scheduled post and recommendations for best time to post!

Posted by Mark Klein on

I second that, it would be very helpful

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This would transform the "Calendar" into a "Content Planner" - which would be amazing!!

It's one of the reasons I considered Taplio (from which those screengrabs are taken 👆) and other scheduling tools like Buffer. But none of them come close to AuthoredUp in all aspects, apart from this...

It would be great to be able to place a Draft on a day in the future, so you could plan out your upcoming posting schedule - without needing to actually complete the post and then schedule it within LI.

This would require finding a way around the scheduling link with LI so that you could go back into these drafts and complete them before scheduling them for posting.

Please vote this topic up guys!!

Posted by Adam Birley on