Add bullet points to Linkedin post.


Linkedin doesn't have a native option to add bullet points.

AuthoredUp can add the ability to make bullet points in the Linkedin post.

It can work

  • A bit
  • Like
  • This

And we can have different types of bullet points

For example:

Checkmarks  ✔️

Stars ⭐

Fingers 👉

Squares ▪️ ▪️ ▪️

Or anything else that you would like to use to make your Linkedin post easier to read.

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Starting with a

  • plain
  • bulleted ...


  1. numbered
  2. list ...

would be an excellent addition!

Posted by
Fred van den Heuvel

I would love bullets, a numbered list, and types of arrows if possible. These are the arrows I use the most:

Posted by
Rachel Ciervo

From Newsletter: Add the possibility to quickly create a list, with bullet points for example

Posted by
Ivana Todorovic (AuthoredIn)

In the first phase, we will have just the normal bullets and numbers, like Fred van den Heuvel suggested**.**

Later we can add different styles.

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