Drafts for Linkedin posts


The idea is to allow users to save their posts for later. It would enable them to create content in advance and not think about "what to post" every time they want to publish something on Linkedin.

How the draft feature could work:

We would show the list of saved posts on Linkedin. We would try to have an autosave button and automatically save everything the user writes.

We would allow searching/filtering of all draft posts, as some of the drafts might be used multiple times.

If the extension is used on multiple computers, we would share the list between them.

We will definitely support:

  • All AuthoredUp features (bold, italic, emoji picker...)
  • Tagging people
  • Hashtags

At first, drafts for Linkedin would work on two types of posts

  • Text post
  • Post with image

The support for videos, polls and other content types might come later.

Which type of posts you would like to have in Linkedin drafts? Which ones are the most important for you?

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