Safari extension?


Develop AuthoredUp extension for Safari browser.

Requested by User U_BLP2Q2 on


It seems this is very feasible.

Posted by AuthoredUp on

That would be very useful!

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Want it.

Posted by Chris Mott on

Absolutely great idea! Would really welcome a Safari extension

Posted by Tjessica Stegenga on

Would absolutely love this!

Posted by Neville Chamberlain on

I'd love that too

Posted by burkhard laufenberg on

As a safari user it is really awkward to open chrome whenever I want to use authoredup/linkedin

Posted by Thorsten Schiffer on

Does anyone have a workaround for this? LinkedIn is terrible on Chrome.

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Andy Kriebel

I will love it! Safari is better than Chrome. Another option should be a new website with all the tools

Posted by Humberto on

Agree - this for me is key.

Posted by Jon Fletcher on

I want safari extension as well

Posted by Milan Djidara on


Posted by Vincent Cafiso on

Yes please!!!!

Posted by Lenn Pryor on

Safari would be amazig and... it's like two years since someone asked that. Can you give a status on that please?

Posted by Ben on