Allow Connection of company pages


Currently, only private profiles can be connected. It would be useful if also company pages could be connected

Requested by Alex on


I support this idea!

Posted by
Eric van Hall

Isn't this feature already available?

What's missing is the ability to view posts on a page with their stats, like profile posts.

Posted by Shlomit Tassa on

Company profiles are seen as pages, and not profiles. They cannot exist separately. Put it differently. if there is no page admin, there is no LinkedIn page.

That is why you cannot connect a page without linking it through the personal profile.

Right now (04-24-2023), you can post as a company page with AuthoredUp.

what you cannot do is get analytics data and reuse posts.

Posted by
Ivana Todorovic (AuthoredUp)

Thank you, Ivana. 
Do you expect to add company pages analytics and reuse to your roadmap?

Posted by Shlomit Tassa on