Add a transcriber.


Me: What about adding a transcriber to your extension? So people can just activate it and speak and it will start writing their post by hearing the narrator.

Ivana: Can you tell me more about the idea? Do you use any transcriber right now on your computer?

Me: I mostly use PowerPoint Trascriber when I have to type a lot. So I simply speak and it writes for me. Then I copy and paste it when I have to. Recently, I learned that Windows also has a built-in transcriber. I tried to use it but it's not easy to use.  That's why, I got the idea that there should be a feature for Linkedin too. You know a lot of people spend time on writing their posts. And this isn't only limited to posts, it can also help to write comments and replies to comments. Won't it be a cool feature to add?

Ivana: You have a point! I usually know what I want to write, but I don't want to lose time.  Can you add this feature to our Roadmap? You can copy and paste these messages. :)

Requested by Muhammad Faheem on


I use either my iPhone to dictate into - it's quite good - or my Mac which allows transcribed dictation. For an external transcriber, I use, which I like very much.

Posted by Martin Haworth on

I love using Subly for transcription... perhaps a collaboration?

Posted by Emma Easton on