Data export in CSV


To track publications and identify trends 📊

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This is needed even more with the latest update for post analytics!
Exporting drafts is already possible, so next up should be exporting analytics.

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Yahya T Khedr

Would absolutely love this. The export capability is the only reason I keep my Shieldapp account active. Would prefer to have it all in one place in AuthoredUp!

Posted by CAPS Research on

That would be the absolute TOP!

Posted by Petr Glaser on

I would love to be able to export my analytics to CSV... Currently copying everything over manually... Cheers

Posted by
Joël Collin-Demers

This is need it i agree.

There is a solution meanwhile, you can scrape all data from Post feed in authored up.

Link to Chrome extension ->

Posted by
Rafael Fernández

Yes, to this.

Posted by
Celina Guerrero

Any news on this?

Posted by Gunnar on

Over a year now, is this likely to be implemented? would be great to have a report to see what the growth is

Posted by Marcus Grip on

do we know how long this has been siting in the "Adopted" section? looks like the first comments was all the way back in Nov 2022 - 15 months ago.

Posted by Keiran Hoare on

Would be great to get a report of the analytics section for download in a ppt or pdf format for personal profiles and company pages

Posted by Georg Dirnberger on

in full support of being able to export our posted content including the media used. This is helpful to monitor analytics and quickly repurpose the ones with good engagement while changing some aspects of it (eg. Change from photo to a video)

Posted by Cindy Tien on