Pipe new content/post ideas from the feed/posts to the AuthoredUp Drafts


Hi Ivana and Team,

As discussed here:


If we could have an option in AuthoredUp to pipe these post ideas to drafts right from the LinkedIn post or via the AuthoredUp browser extension icon on the address bar, it would be a useful addition and could help increase the adoption.

As Ivana said, "I save posts for later, but I rarely go to that section" and this is common for many LinkedIn users because it is complex to use and hard to navigate. The link is buried so deep that not everyone will know where to find the saved posts and eventually they die before seeing the light.

This solves a problem.

Let me know if you have any followup queries and I would love to be engaged.



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What LinkedIn's version is missing is a lot, so these are the things I'd love to see AuthoredUp adding:

  • Search (with Filters for Creators)
  • Tags (Grouping)
  • Sorting (By publishing date & saved date)
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Yahya T Khedr

I totally agree with this and I would love to see and use this one. I actually visit my saved posts but I'll love to be able to reference them in AuthoredUp.

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IbukunOluwa Shotubo