AuthoredUp 3.3.4

We have released AuthoredUp 3.3.4, addressing the following issues:

• Collecting posts and statistics now works again for all users
• We will no longer overwrite your post in certain situations
• We now try to show resolved links in your collected posts, instead of
• AuthoredUp now works faster on slower computers

We have also introduced background improvements to help us better deal with LinkedIn's ongoing migration to a new system (this has been causing quite a few glitches, on both AuthoredUp and LinkedIn proper).

If you notice any other problems or bugs, please do the following:

  1. Submit a bug report via our help request form. Attaching a debug info is highly encouraged.
  2. Until we address the issue, try posting without AuthoredUp. Here's how:

We apologize for any interruptions you might encounter or have encountered. We are laser focused on fixing all the problems and making everything work as smoothly as possible during LinkedIn's migration.

Finally, expect a more interesting product announcement in the near future!

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