AuthoredUp 4.5.6 - post tracking fixes, visual tweaks and more

This minor release comes with a lot of important fixes and quality of life improvements:

  1. We have corrected a few problems regarding post tracking. We are still testing, but we think it might fix issues regarding your posts not getting updated. Please let us know via customer support if the issues reappear!
  2. We will now let you filter by tags from the drafts that were shared with you on top of your own tags.
  3. On top of design tweaks, tables now have a shortcut to quickly clear filters. This will hopefully make it clearer when some filters are causing some of your data to be hidden. We will continue to iterate on this.
  4. We will now (again) show the correct group logo in post preview
  5. We have fixed a few visual rough edges on the calendar
  6. Organization managers will no longer be shown roles they can't assign to users
  7. We have optimized the size of debug info, so it should now be a few MB at most

NOTE: We are aware of the issue that drafts sometimes get assigned to the wrong post after submitting. We are still working on reproducing it. We will issue a fix as soon as we figure it out.

As always, the easiest way to update is to completely exit your browser and start it again.

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