Free tool: About Me writer for LinkedIn šŸš€

Why is this tool important? šŸ¦„

When you create content, people naturally go to your profile or company page. To learn about you, your offer, and your results.

If your profile is not optimized, every day, you are leaving money/opportunities on the table.

So, what does it do? šŸ‘€

It helps you to write, edit and preview:
ā€¢ About me section OR
ā€¢ Company page description

You can see where the "see more" button is. You can expand the text, and optimize for mobile and desktop.

It is for...

Anyone looking to improve and optimize their profile or page. Give or take, 1 billion LinkedIn members. šŸ˜…

Any constraints?

Nada. Use it how you want, when you want. Just go there and start typing. āœ…

How to access it:

Find it in the footer section on authoredup website
Or click on this link:

Do you plan to update your About Me section soon? šŸ¤©

PS: Help us spread the word. Share this tool with other people šŸŒŗ

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