Free tool: Headline preview 🚀

➡️ Control your first impression on LinkedIn

You are spending time posting, commenting and engaging.
People see your profile picture and headline.

And there are two things they can do:

  1. Keep scrolling
  2. Go to your profile

What do you think can influence the decision?
Exactly, your headline.

But LinkedIn is not showing the whole headline in the feed—just the firts part.
And as always, mobile and desktop versions differ.

And this story wouldn't be so interesting without data.

Optimizing headlines for the feeds can get you up to 250% more profile views!

That is the highest ROI per letter. 💹

To help you out, we built a headline preview tool.

As you type, the tool will display a real-time preview of how your headline will look in three cases:

• When someone visits your profile on LinkedIn,
• When someone who doesn't follow you sees your post in their feed,
• When someone sees your comment under the post.

To go even further, we built a simple way to embed the tool wherever you want - your website, blog, or Notion. 🤩

So use it:

And share it with your community.
They will be grateful! 🌺

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