Meet Muhammad Usama, our Head of partnerships

A bit of a story:
From day one, AuthoredUp grew based on relationships and word of mouth.

So, we always wanted to have a real partnership program.

REAL = to support our partners for real and not leave them to sink and swim.

The issue was:
We didn't have enough capacity.
And we felt that is not fair.

So, we invited Usama to join us AND build the best partnership and affiliate program in the space.

Yes, we know everyone says that.
But we are going to deliver.

DELIVER = co-marketing events, materials, incentives, and real value. 🥰

So, if you are interested in our affiliate program or have an idea for collaboration, contact him. 👋

PS: For all existing affiliates, we are transitioning from Rewardful to Reditus | B2B SaaS Affiliate Marketing Software, so expect a few emails from us. Don't worry; all data will be automatically transferred. ✅

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