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AuthoredUp 4.6.2 - preview now supports the new multi-image layout, and 2 bug fixes

  • LinkedIn is experimenting with the new way of displaying multi-image posts. We have updated our preview to match.
  • We have fixed the problem where you could no longer hide or restore posts
  • LinkedIn's new company page design broke our support for launching a new company post post from AuthoredUp. We have fixed it.

Update to the new version following this guide.

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4.6 version is out 🚀

To make your summer even better, we've rolled out some major quality-of-life improvements. 🏝

Big actors redesign

Our actor connections were a bit rough around the edges. So, we redesigned them from scratch.

To reduce clutter, You can customize visibility and choose which profiles, companies, and groups appear in your actor list.

And if you're a business user, a lot of long-standing pain points are resolved:

  • Now, multiple team members can independently connect the same profile.
  • Every person can decide what gets shared with the company.
  • New team members get immediate access to company page posts without collecting them anew.

Learn more about the changes to your business account.

Text staircase

Remember our free text staircase tool? It's now a fully integrated feature in AuthoredUp!

Select your text, click a button, and watch it reorder from shortest to longest or vice versa—perfect for effectively prioritizing or structuring your messages.

Tag management

Managing tags just got a whole lot easier.

Previously, tags would persist as long as they were attached to any post or draft, requiring manual effort to remove them individually.

Now, you can remove the tag from all associated content with just one click.

Other news

We've launched a 'What's New' section so you can quickly catch up on all the latest updates and tweaks we've made.

Speaking of updates... LinkedIn was busy as well! They've made many changes, which caused AuthoredUp to glitch out in places.

We continually work to adapt and improve, but if anything slips through, send us your debug info—we’re on it.

See you in the feed. 🤗


About the improvements to your business account in 4.6

Version 4.6 brings much needed improvements to how business accounts work in Authoredup.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Multiple accounts can now connect the same profile

If you've previously encountered an error where a profile is already connected to a different account, or had to share the same AuthoredUp login to manage multiple clients, that is now gone. Anyone who needs access to a profile can now connect it via our LinkedIn extension.

You will be asked to go through a brief "OAuth flow", where you confirm you have access to the profile, and grant that access to AuthoredUp. And then, you're good to go.

Note that we will not double charge you. No matter how many teammates connect a profile, it is still counted as 1 for the purposes of billing.

2. Teammates can pick what they share

If you've encountered an issue where your previous employer or unrelated groups are shared with the rest of the company, that is now fixed.

Go to your actors panel, and toggle off which company pages and groups you no longer want to share with the team.

Note that existing users will start with all companies and groups toggled on. We made it this way to avoid any disruptions. If you're reading this as a new user, everything should start toggled off, and you can opt into sharing.

Note also that, due to licensing issues, profiles are always shared.

3. You can control what you see

If you don't wish to see data from one of your actors, or an actor that was shared by one of your teammates, you can toggle it off via the "Show in actor list" column.

Turning off actors here will make them no longer show up in the "actors" menu in the Posts, Analytics and Calendar pages, reducing the clutter.

Since this is a big change, there could be things we are overlooking. If you notice anything amiss, see something you think you shouldn't see, or don't see something you should, please contact customer support, and we'll fix it immediately.


4.5.13 - Hot fix for issue with attachment syncing

We have resolved a sudden issue with attachments sometimes not getting sent to LinkedIn.

This was especially prevalent with:

  • Documents / carousels
  • Images pasted into AuthoredUp

Please update to 4.5.13 ASAP. We apologize for the inconvenience.


AuthoredUp 4.5.12 - fixed collecting text posts and reposts

• Fixed the regression introduced in 4.5.10 that prevented collection of text posts. Apologies!
• When you "repost with thoughts", the target post will no longer disappear from preview when AUP is active
• Corrected icon sizes in post preview

Update to the new version following this guide:

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